Solo performance at Vancouver New Music Festival TICKETS HERE

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Interview by Jennie Punter featured in Musicworks (Summer edition 2015, Issue No. 122)

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Selected composer for ECM+ Génération 2016

ECM Generation Winners 2015


Upcoming residency at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris

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Upcoming residency at Experimentalstudio des SWR Freiburg

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Selected composer for ICELAB 2014

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June 20th 2016: Stircrazer IIb adapted for tenor saxophone by Joshua Hyde  at Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Sydney, Australia)

June 30th 2016: New Work by Distractfold at Wonder Inn (Manchester, UK)

August 10th 2016: Bone Games premiere by Distractfold at Darmstadt Summer Course 2016 (Darmstadt, Germany)

August 11th 2016: He Cuts Snow performed by Ensemble handwerk at Darmstadt Summer Course 2016 (Darmstadt, Germany)

October 13th 2016: Solo performance at Orpheum Annex Theatre as part of Vancouver New Music Festival, Vancouver, Canada)

October 2016: Bone Games – Shy Garden premiered on tour with Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal:

October 20th 2016: Banff, Alberta (Banff Centre for the Arts)

October 21st 2016: Edmonton, Alberta

October 24th 2016: Victoria, British Columbia

October 25th 2016: Vancouver, British Columbia

October 27th 2016: Montréal, Québec

October 30th 2016: Toronto, Ontario

October 31st 2016: London, Ontario

November 1st 2016: Ottawa, Ontario

November 3rd 2016: Québec City, Québec


November 19th 2016: All Snap Flags performed by ICE Ensemble at Abrons Arts Center (New York, USA)

December 3rd 2016: Bone Games performed by Distractfold at Rainy Days Festival (Luxembourg)

December 11th 2016: Stircrazer II performed by Benjamin Glorieux at Festival Images Sonores organized by Centre Henri Pousseur at Théâtre de Liège (Liège, Belgium)

December 14th 2016: Stircrazer II performed by Benjamin Glorieux at Flagey (Brussels, Belgium)

February 3rd 2016: Stircrazer II performed by Ensemble Tzara at Lichtspiel (Bern, Switzerland)

February 8th 2016: Stircrazer II performed by Ensemble Tzara at Stadtkino (Basel, Switzerland)

February 9th 2016: Stircrazer II performed by Ensemble Tzara at Uto-Kino (Zürich, Switzerland)

February 16th 2016: Stircrazer II performed by Ensemble Tzara at Cinema Sil Plaz (Ilanz, Switzerland)

April 20 2017: New Work for 2 basses + electronics commissioned by Michelle Lou and Scott Worthington, premiere at Stanford CCRMA, (Palo Alto, US)

Winter 2017: New Work commissioned by Americas Society New York, USA (dates TBA)

Winter/Spring 2018: New Work commissioned by Scapegoat (dates TBA)



May 29th 2016: He Cuts Snow performed by Tak Ensemble with Séverine Ballon (New York, USA)

May 25th, 2016: Stircrazer III  for transduced piano and bass drums performed by Noam Bierstone and Daniel Añez at McGill University (Montreal, Canada)

April 8th 2016: Stircrazer IIb performed by Rocío Bolaños and Linda Jankowska of Distractfold at Sound Studio (Chicago, US)

April 5th 2016: Stircrazer IIb performed by Rocío Bolaños and Linda Jankowska of Distractfold at Spectrum (New York, US)

April 2nd 2016: Stircrazer IIb performed by Rocío Bolaños and Linda Jankowska of Distractfold at Harvard (Cambridge, US)

February 13th, 2016: He Cuts Snow performed by Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal (Montréal, Canada)

December 18th, 2015: Stircrazer III self-performed solo set for transduced piano and bass drums at the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) (Boston, USA)

November 19th 2015: Flatspin | Stircrazer IV for solo bass clarinet + live mechanics, premiere by Joshua Rubin at the National Sawdust Factory (Brooklyn NY, USA)

October 20th 2015: He Cuts Snow performed by oh ton-ensemble as part of the NOIeS Klangpol series at Staatstheater (Oldenburg, Germany)

October 27th 2015: He Cuts Snow performed by sound initiative and Distractfold in MCR concert series (Manchester, UK)

October 30th 2015: He Cuts Snow performed by Sound Initiative and Distractfold (Paris, France)

August 17-21st 2015: Workshop with Distractfold (Manchester, UK)

May 16th 2015: Stircrazer: Hammer + Flutter performance by Ensemble Dal Niente (Boston, USA)

February 28th 2015: Stircrazer II performance by Kivie Cahn-Lipman with ICE Ensemble at Toronto Soundstreams (Toronto, Canada)

November 18 2014: New Work for Vertixe Sonora at the Correspondencias Sonoras festival at Galician Center for Contemporary Art, Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

September 3rd 2014: Stircrazer II performed by cellist Séverine Ballon (unerhörte Musik series at the BKA Theater, Berlin, Germany)

August 2014: Stircrazer II performed by cellist Séverine Ballon (47th Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik, Darmstadt, Germany)

June 2-5, 2014: ICElab project residency with ICE Ensemble at Mount Tremper Arts (Mount Tremper, New York, USA)

May 5th 2014: He Cuts Snow performed by MEC Ensemble at Zipper Hall (Los Angeles, USA)

April 28th 2014: Slip Trains performed by Mivos Quartet at NUNC Festival (Chicago, USA)

April 27th 2014: He Cuts Snow performed by Ensemble Dal Niente at NUNC Festival (Chicago, USA)

March 18th 2014:  Stircrazer III performed by pianist Stephane Ginsburgh at City University London (London, UK)

March 8th 2014: He Cuts Snow performed by Hand Werk (Cambridge, USA)

October 30th 2013: Stircrazer | Cause Unfold Proceed, solo set for 8 bass drums with live mechanics in shared show with Phillip Schulze (Parkhaus im Malkastenpark, Dusseldorf, Germany)

October 15th 2013: Stircrazer (II) performed by cellist Séverine Ballon at Matrix Festival (Freiburg, Germany)

October 4th 2013: Stircrazer (II) performed by cellist Séverine Ballon (Lyon, France)

July 5th 2013: Stircrazer (III) premiered by pianist Stephane Ginsburgh at Tzlil Meudcan Festival (Tel Aviv, Israel)

April 6th 2013: Stircrazer (I) premiered by cellist Séverine Ballon (Cambridge, USA)

March 2nd 2013: Slip Trains performed by JACK Quartet (Boston, USA)

Oct 13th 2012: He Cuts Snow performed by Ensemble Argento (Cambridge, USA)

May 13th 2012: Spuler performed by Ensemble musikFabrik (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), Troy, NY, USA)

May 12th 2012: Spuler performed by Ensemble musikFabrik (Paine Hall, Cambridge MA, USA)

November 6th 2011: Fox Bride performed by Continuum Ensemble (The Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada)

October 2011: NEW RELEASE! Slip Trains released by Quatuor Bozzini as part of 2-disc CD titled A Chacun Sa Miniature (available on Amazon)

August 20th/21st 2011Slip Trains (for string quartet) and Bird in the Well (for large ensemble) performed by Ensemble SurPlus (Stuttgart, Germany)

July 13th 2011Bird in the Well for large ensemble as part of Acanthes Festival (Metz, France)

May 14th 2011ICE Ensemble performing Bird in the Well for large ensemble (Boston, USA)

April 21st 2011: Quatuor Bozzini performing Slip Trains (Montreal, Canada)